Thursday, 26 July 2012

Early one morning

just on the way down to Yator,  we saw some mountain goats.  They stopped when they sensed us and we stopped too.   I opened my bag for my camera, they moved a bit.  I turned the camera on and they moved again,  but I did manage to get one photo.  The second goat is just to the right,  still visible but camouflaged by the plants.   Both Monty and Pip were with me and the hardest part was  trying to get them to keep still as well as every movement made the goats move.   They eventually disappeared down a very steep slope heading for the river that goes to Yator.  After a few hundred metres they are virtually impossible to see amongst the plants.

This was the day before yesterday when we went out for our  morning walk,   it was quite a cloudy start but that makes a lovely sunrise as it comes up through the clouds.                             

Friday, 20 July 2012

Maybe this time?

Trying a different way of dropping in the colours of Spain for this afternoon.....

Thursday, 19 July 2012

If you're lucky

there may be pictures with my last post, but maybe not.  I added screen shots of the colourful map of Spain to show the weather and temperatures, but sometimes it's there and sometimes not.  this is it for tomorrow - 2nd time lucky maybe.  If not and you want to see the colours then look here

Too hot to do much

It's too hot to do much except start early, do everything slowly, get even slower during the afternoon - sit by the pool reading and cool down as needed - water the vegetables later on, eat late, cold showers - or as cold as it can be when your tank is on the roof - and then start again tomorrow.

There are  hot weather warnings for parts of our area for today and tomorrow and this is the colour of Spain at 11pm tonightthose pinky purple bits around Granada and Sevilla are 32 and 33° so you can imagine how hot it was this afternoon.

And for tomorrow afternoon we have this lovely colourful map, and it's almost the same for Saturday......