Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It's getting hot hot hot!!

Summer has arrived and when we got home from our lunch out yesterday the thermometer on the shady terrace said 29 degrees.

Today at the same time was 31.6.......

To go back a few days,  I have been looking through recent photos and here are some.

The nispero trees are in fruit,  a loquat in England,   it's a bit like an apricot in size although ours are slightly sharp tasting although very juicy.

The mulberry trees are also full of fruit, it's dropping all over the road,  outside our house is a carpet of white mulberries and up by the ermita where there is a black and a white mulberry, the road is stained with squashed fruit.

Then on to more food.  We went out for lunch yesterday after we'd done some shopping.  Usually we stop just for a beer and tapas but this time we opted for the menu del dia.

We ordered a beer each while looking at the menu,  they came with a dish of olives and a basket of bread.

John's starter - the mixed salad

My starter - lightly battered and crispy fried courgette sticks drizzled with honey

His Plato Alpujarre├▒o - a Spanish version of all day breakfast-

My salmon

His ice cream dessert and my fruits of the forest cheesecake...... except they'd run out so it was a tiramisu gateau instead.

The menu says 10 euros each,  what it doesn't say is that it includes a drink as well.  We each had another drink, beer for him and a glass of wine for me which made a 3 course lunch for  2 people the grand  total of €23.50.  Or £18.50 if you're in UK.