Friday, 11 November 2016

Afternoon walks

Glorious weather this autumn,   so nice to still be enjoying afternoon walks in the sunshine and not needing to wrap up warm yet.  Chilly overnight,  maybe 8 degrees or so,  but out in the sun in a t-shirt  during the day.

Just past the cemetery at Yegen,  there is a new seating area... 

The view from here looking towards Sierra Gador....Not a cloud in the sky!

Poplars down in the valley....

Nearer home is an old era,  a threshing circle, catching the afternoon sun on the stones.

And on the edge of the era is an old piece of machinery. Not sure what it is but possibly an almond husker.  It's got a drum where I can imagine the almonds being put in and as it spins the husks come off,  but maybe something to do with olives....  suggestions anyone??

Another afternoon, another walk,  this time down to the river below Golco.  Both walks are about 2km / 4km return,   but whereas Yegen is 300m or so higher than us, with a nice gentle return trip,   the walk to the river is mostly down but then a climb back home.