Friday, 29 April 2016

If you're wondering....

It's the end of another month,  and if anyone is wondering where we are,  what we have been doing,  are we still here.....

Everything is fine, but I feel after umpteen years of writing that I am going round in circles.  The same flowers,  fruit and vegetables.  The same fiestas.  The weather varies to some degree - warm enough this week to swim but some huge clouds too - some rain forecast for tomorrow but it may not get this far south. 

So unless something different happens I'm not going to be writing much.  Some of you have my email to keep in touch,  if not then you can always post a comment on here - it gets sent to me by email for verifying before it gets uploaded.

Until then,  ¡hasta luego!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

At last!

It poured with rain Monday afternoon and evening,  very blustery as well,  so some of the rain was going past horizontally and at high speed.  We had the shortest of short walks that evening,  out the gate,  both dogs did what they needed to do in the shelter of the first tree we came to and that was it.  Straight back inside,  via a rub down with old towels first.

But the good news is that all the rain we had,  came as snow up in the Sierras.  And the snow - when it melts - is our summer water.

Taken this morning on our way to Orgiva..

We went to Orgiva for the ITV road test for the Polo.   We used to go in February,  but last year it failed the test and we had it redone in March after a repair and 2 new tyres.  Unfortunately  for us it failed again this year,  we drove home via the mechanic thinking 'is this it, it's nearly 16 years old and maybe it'll just be too expensive to keep on going  but it's our favourite car,  and  really low mileage so maybe,  fingers crossed,  all will be ok'.

The repairs are done,  not as cheap as we'd hoped but such is life,  we went back today for a re-test and got our sticker for another years motoring.