Friday, 27 January 2017

New Year, new road.

Not a complete new road but a long section leading from the chapel here in Montenegro up a long slope in the direction of Yégen.  Maybe about 500 metres in total,  the road gets very slippery when wet in the winter months and very very dusty in the summer.  I'm talking dust up to your ankles almost,  and although it's not a very busy road,  you can see that vehicles have a problem getting traction. 

Just before Christmas the first of many trucks laden with gravel started coming up,  plus a mini digger,  a water bowser to spray the gravel,  and a roller to pack it flat.  Sheets of reinforcing steel were at the Yátor end of the road waiting to be brought up too.  Obviously they had to start at the top and work their way down,  so they parked the equipment on a flat terrace and reversed up and up to the top.

The start of the gravel base.

The first of 29 mixers.....

A few days later there's concrete.

They started laying concrete on Monday 16th,  10 mixers went up that day.  About half an hour after one went down empty,  we'd hear the next one coming up,  except they got it wrong once.....

José was coming down empty and John managed to flag him down and tell him another full load was coming up.  José pulled off onto our neighbours land and although the chutes of their lorries got tangled somewhat,  the other lorry squeezed past.  That driver then helped José reverse back out from a tight spot.  What isn't clear on the last photo is that the rear wheels of José's lorry are not on the road anymore but hanging over the edge! 

Tuesday 17th - another 8 mixers,  and Wednesday morning another 6.  But by lunchtime it was cold,  windy and trying to snow so they stopped work.  The road was closed....

road closed sign at Yegen

and blocked in Montenegro.  Plus a dusting of snow!


It was opened over the weekend for the fiesta of  San Sebastian in Yátor  and then this Monday morning came  the final 5 mix loads to finish the road. 

Rumour has it that the next project is from the chapel down past our house to the existing concrete road that goes to Yator.  Time will tell.  We only heard about this project when Fernando told us - and he knew because his brother is José the driver of one of the mixers.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

A big thank you,  Happy Christmas and healthy New Year to  everyone who still continues to look at this blog,   despite my lack of input....

Cadiar's Christmas tree this year has had a lot of input from the local community,  the tree has been decorated with crocheted designs  and there are also decorations made by the children.

Also there is belén which is a nativity scene.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Afternoon walks

Glorious weather this autumn,   so nice to still be enjoying afternoon walks in the sunshine and not needing to wrap up warm yet.  Chilly overnight,  maybe 8 degrees or so,  but out in the sun in a t-shirt  during the day.

Just past the cemetery at Yegen,  there is a new seating area... 

The view from here looking towards Sierra Gador....Not a cloud in the sky!

Poplars down in the valley....

Nearer home is an old era,  a threshing circle, catching the afternoon sun on the stones.

And on the edge of the era is an old piece of machinery. Not sure what it is but possibly an almond husker.  It's got a drum where I can imagine the almonds being put in and as it spins the husks come off,  but maybe something to do with olives....  suggestions anyone??

Another afternoon, another walk,  this time down to the river below Golco.  Both walks are about 2km / 4km return,   but whereas Yegen is 300m or so higher than us, with a nice gentle return trip,   the walk to the river is mostly down but then a climb back home.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

A birthday break in Almeria.

We have just spent a couple of days in Almería for my birthday.  It's not a place that we have stayed in before,  it's just somewhere that we've been through and have thought  that it would be good to explore as it has a rich history.  The best description I can give is that it's like a small version of Granada,  what with the Cathedral and the Alcazaba,  and the old quarter too.

So this is going to be mostly pictures......

Hotel Catedral,  Plaza de la Catedral,  where we stayed.

Palacio Episcopál, Plaza de la Catedral
The very fortress-like Cathedral as seen from the hotel roof terrace.
La Alcazaba as seen from our hotel roof terrace.
Bar Montenegro,  almost next to our hotel

and another one!
Not our Montenegro but a hill/mountain in Almeria higher than us.  We are at 890 metres,  the other Montenegro is 1710 metres up.  Quite a climb!!

Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Mar
Iglesia de San Pedro
The School of Art
The Theatre
La Hacienda - tax office.
Shops downstairs, carved windows and arches above.....

both buildings at Puerta de Purchena.

And then inside the Cathedral.  Obviously these few pictures don't do justice to the inside - there are carvings both wood and marble,  it's gilded,  there are wonderful paintings too,  this is just a small sample.

And for the foodies......

Lunch at La Lupe.  Quesadillo + chilli @ 3 euros each. Plus a beer each.
La Lupe again for dinner, 1 x house salad with grilled chicken and jalapeños @9.50

Secreto a la brasa - very tender beef done on the griddle 2 @ 14 euros.  

Another day,  more food!    At Casco Antiguo for lunch,  a Thai salad 1/2 size starter.

Timbale of monkfish and prawns for my main course.

Restaurant Casco Antiguo house burger.  And did he struggle with this!
Of course there was more food and also a drink or two - but sometimes food comes before photos!!

A wonderful couple of days but now back to a normal healthy diet - less food and more exercise!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Autumn update

Doesn't time fly!   Now we are into autumn colours,  the leaves are turning into different shades of yellow and gold and rusty brown shades.  But most days the weather is still warm and although I haven't swum since the end of September it's still warm enough for visitors to enjoy.

Our family from Paris has been visiting recently,  with the addition of a 3 month old now,  on their first day here,  we went to La Videña restaurant in Ugijar where a drink with a tapa is 2 euros,  it makes a nice leisurely lunch and not too filling.

fajitas mexicano y tomate aliñado

Bacon con queso y Sherigan de pate
Samuel is enjoying looking around - Elliott is keeping an eye on him.

And so on to Cadiar for the Feria,  we only went in on the Friday for Elliott to enjoy the ball park and the bouncy castle while we had wine at the fuente and pinchos at the food stalls.

A few days later we went down to Salobeña for a day on the beach plus lunch and dinner and an overnight stay at the Hotel Avenida Tropical,  where we have been quite a few times and never been disappointed.  This time we  had a lovely courtyard outside our room,  ideal late in the evening for a glass of wine.

First to the beach...

Busy isn't it!!  Apparently the water was warm enough, Mat and Elliott were both in splashing around.

Then for lunch at Chiringuito Casa Emilio - again somewhere we have eaten more than a few times over the past 13 years and always enjoyed.

Obvious no?  the view from our table to the sea.

My house salad starter

John's seafood soup

House white wine

Mat and Airi's paella

John's rape (monkfish) grilled

My rape en salsa (sauce of tomato and almonds)

Much later that day we all stopped for drinks and tapas before going out for dinner. 

John's G+T plus my wine

Our tapas
And then last of all we went for dinner.  But by then I'd forgotten to take pictures except of the amazing plate of food of mine.  Spicy prawns.  Sounds so simple but just look at the carrot and cucumber decoration.  Fresh prawns, crunchy veg,  nothing orange and artificial tasting about the sauce - wonderful.   As was everyone else's food but I was too busy enjoying mine for photos.