Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Hearts for St Valentines Day.

A few weeks ago after we'd done our shopping in Ugíjar, we drove via Cherín and then turned onto a small road ALP603 which hugs the side of the hills and passes 2 villages on the way to a reservoir called Embalse de Beninar.

It was a gorgeous day so we took our lunch with us,  to sit by the side of the lake enjoying the view.

The first village on the road is called Lucainena,  we passed through here many years ago when we were exploring the area and remembered it as being empty and in need of some love and attention.  But not now:   it's pretty and well maintained.

The main reason for delaying showing you these pictures is because of the lovely hearts molded into the Church wall...... and tomorrow is Valentines Day.  So now very appropriate!

Further down the road we passed another village but lower than the road and we didn't go down to it,  it is called Darrical.  The road narrows somewhat then and drops down to the reservoir.

 The water level is very low,  there are retaining walls in places - maybe a metre high per step - all exposed.  We think these walls are normally under water.

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