Sunday, 30 November 2014

An occasional update.

So first I must  explain where we've been,  which is absolutely nowhere!    I just felt the need to take a break from writing,  I seemed to be going round in circles,  looking back over the previous 624 posts over 6 years   each month was becoming a re-write of the previous year albeit with different photos.  I got to the point where I thought   'it's been a week/2 weeks.... I really must write something...don't know what to write....look back at last year....
No,  it's time for a break'

But  I have noticed that because I haven't written,  I also haven't been taking as many photos and I've missed getting my thoughts down on paper - well, not on paper obviously but on here.  I'll probably make this a monthly thing from now on,  unless something really exciting happens.....

Last November we bought a kilo of Jerusalem Artichokes for 1€ in the local market,  peeled and roasted a couple of chunks,  peeled and mashed another,  put 7 into dry compost for the winter and then started to water them in early spring before planting out.  They grew wonderfully tall,  somewhere on here is a photo of them in full bloom.  Now they've died off and I've cut the stems down, and  this morning I dug up the roots from the tallest plant and wow!  A huge bunch of tubers,  16 big enough to eat,  4 I've put into dry compost to keep,  the 16 weigh a kilo so we've got our money's worth already and 6 more plants to dig up yet.

So,  out and about  taking photos over the last couple of weeks,  the trees are the most amazing colours still,  although we've had some very heavy showers during the last few days and most of the leaves are now on the ground.

The hugest pomegranates that we've had so far I think,  they just about sit in the palm of my hand.

Gorgeous colour leaves  on the pear tree.

 This fig tree shows up well in front of the yucca which is now in full bloom,  not ours but our neighbours.

Rows of grape vines belonging to another neighbour,  one of the many Paco's here.

And lastly,  some bright colours from our garden.